My studio setup in 1979


Left to right
My prototype string machine
 Korg Rhythm 55 
Pet computer
Synclavier II
Fostex B16 1/2" multitrack reel to reel tape recorder
A Mixer?

This was pinched from mu:zines
A big thank you to James Betteridge


The Freeman String Machine

Me and my prototype. Did so much session work with it.  They called me Prof cause I was always opening the lid and tinkering with it.

Here's a good article by Gordon Reid in SOS magazine called
"The Birth of String Synthesis" .


My Studio Now

Ultra compact and so powerful. 
Macbook Pro 15" 3.1 gHz intel i7 16g 2133 MHz LPDDR3 1TB SSD
Akai MPK mini keyboard with foot switch and  pedal.
iPad with ForScore music notation display.
Sennheiser HD598 phones
Logic Pro X with Cinematic Studio Strings Brass & Woodwind.
No need for big studios and huge mixing desks anymore.
Progress rocks.

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